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This site is owned and operated by me, Antonio Benítez, a Venezuelan lawyer, translator, and copywriter; and my wife, Andrea Arteaga, who is a Graphic Designer. Learn more about us.

Spanish Translation Services


I got my first formal translation client in 2017: an American Immigration Lawyer who was introduced to me by an old friend. After that, my marketing efforts were geared towards other Immigration Law Firms from all over the United States, some of which have recommended my services on my LinkedIn profile.

Since then, I’ve translated thousands of pages of documents (including birth, marriage, and death certificates; divorce decrees; visa applications with their respective annexes; lawsuits; and court rulings) websites, and CVs, among others.

Professional Copywriting Services

I’ve been writing my whole life; it’s one of my passions. From a young age, I wrote stories, poems, and songs (mostly in Spanish but some in English). After becoming a Lawyer I worked in a Labour Court and where I had the chance to draft court decisions. That and drafting lawsuits (which I did during a brief period) was what I enjoyed the most about being a lawyer.

Actually, I was first hired as a writer and then as a translator. Over these years, I have written articles on many subjects both in English and Spanish for digital marketing agencies. Moreover, my content is proofread by professionals who are native speakers of the language in which each article is written. Soon you’ll be able to check the quality of my work as a copywriter on A2BTranslations.com’s new blog.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Andrea Arteaga, my wife, is a great Graphics Designer. I met her in 2017. I hired her to design a logo and then I fell in love with her or vice versa, I’m not sure. Anyway, she has a neat art portfolio where she shows how much she’s grown as an artist during the last years and she is now being hired by agencies that work for renowned companies like Hugo Boss.