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Spanish translation services

It’s no secret that there are many free translation services today. These are very useful and keep improving, but they are still far from flawless.

From experience, we can tell you that a Spanish translation done by a free machine translation tool could and certainly will have errors

E.g., it could translate a surname, which is a severe error, especially regarding document translation.

An error like this could cause the holder of the said document to go to court to rectify it, with all the consequences that this may entail.

On the other hand, more often than not, free services like these make literal translations of words or phrases, for which the result is not faithful to the source text.

This has consequences not only in legal translations but also in corporate or commercial ones, in which it is necessary to maintain the original message’s meaning.

Hence the importance of hiring professional Spanish translation services: some translations cannot be done by anyone, let alone by a free service.

Professional Spanish translator

Being a professional translator is not just about being certified; this is not required in certain countries such as the United States. 

However, translations in the US must be certified by a competent translator, and that is the key: competence. Merriam webster’s dictionary defines competence as “the quality or state of having sufficient knowledge, judgment, skill, or strength (as for a particular duty or in a particular respect).”

Thus, professional English-Spanish translators must do their job to the best of their ability, including proficiency in both languages, knowing their grammatical rules, and, above all, being avid researchers.

Let A2B Translations take care of all your professional English-to-Spanish translation and content creation needs

Much of our work involves translating documents from Spanish to English for USCIS. However, we also translate and create all kinds of bilingual content, from official documents to social media posts, and provide graphic design services.

In other words, we can translate anything from Spanish to English and vice versa to help you meet your business goals.

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In truth, at A2B Translations, we provide a competent translation service. For us, translating is a pleasure, not a job. 

We excel at doing professional translations that allow our clients to achieve their goals, so they are happy with our work and recommend us.

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