Graphic design services

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Graphic design services

It is no secret that we are in an increasingly competitive world and that professionals and companies have to constantly recalibrate their business strategies to make an impact on their respective audiences.

A professional graphic designer can create or refresh a corporate image by creating or redesigning logos, social media posts, PowerPoint/Google Slide presentations, infographics, illustrations, and any other type of design.

What kind of attributes should you look for in a graphic designer?

Choose a graphic designer who has the following:

A graphic design degree

Today, many call themselves graphic designers, but only some have studied this career. Knowing how to use Adobe suite or Canvas does not make a person a professional designer.

Designing goes much further: it implies, among other things, having an in-depth knowledge of colors and how to harmonize them to produce a specific effect.

Extensive experience

We all start from scratch, and that’s fine, but if you want the best results, wouldn’t it be better to hire someone who knows how to design what you need precisely? We believe so, and that is why we recommend that you hire an experienced designer.

Hire our graphic design services

Andrea Arteaga, our designer, has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, so she is proficient in Graphic Design but also received comprehensive instruction on Art in general.

In addition, Andrea has more than seven years of experience as a designer with a wide portfolio that includes, among others, the following works:

• Images for social media

• Website banners

• Ad banners

• PowerPoint/Google Slide Presentations

• Icons

• Catalogs

• Infographics

• PDF files

• File recreation

• Flyers

• Posters

• Postcards

• Business cards

• T-shirts

• Business presentations

• Logos

• Digital books

• Book covers

• Trademark books

• Corporate Design

• Magazines

• Three-fold leaflets

• 3d-design

• Designs for embroidery

• Fonts

• Photo retouching

• Freehand illustrations

• Vector illustration

• Vector tracing

• And many others

Do you need any other type of design not listed above? Please contact us for more information and a free estimate.