English to Spanish translation online

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English to Spanish translation online

English-to-Spanish translations are the backbone of our services. Indeed, most of our work involves translating documents from English to Spanish for people who need to immigrate to the United States.

Such people hire us directly or through their immigration attorneys, for whom we have also served as telephone interpreters.

Spanish to English translation online

However, we have also worked for other American lawyers with diverse specializations, for whom we have translated documents such as lawsuits, contracts, forms, and criminal files, but also web pages and social media posts, among other content, from English to Spanish.

Furthermore, these are some of the types of translations we do:

Legal translation

As we pointed out, we are the go-to translators of some American law firms when it comes to translating all kinds of documents from English to Spanish, be them public (such as affidavits, lawsuits, and judgments) or private (such as rental contracts, loans, and others).

When doing this work, we ensure that each legal term has its correct equivalent in the translated document under the corresponding applicable laws and uses.

We do word-for-word certified translations for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In such translations, we include every detail of every original document and verify the correctness of their respective translations.

For these purposes, we have translated birth, marriage, and death certificates, degree, certified grades, and criminal records, among other documents.

English-to-Spanish resume translation

When translating resumes, we provide clean translations regarding each resume’s content and format: we try to keep the original resume’s layout in the translation unless instructed otherwise.

Literary translation

As far as literary translation is concerned, we have translated three educational stories whose content and illustrations are our own. You can read more about it on our content writing service’s page.

Website translation

If you want your website to reach a broader audience, having a Spanish version of it is a good idea.

At A2B Translations, we can translate the text on each page of your website into Spanish, including, if you wish, the corresponding URLs and keywords.

Medical translation

We have translated several medical documents, primarily for immigration-related translations, so we are able to provide medical translation services from English to Spanish and vice versa.

For this, we use software-assisted translation tools and always meticulously check each translated term with the help of online resources such as medical dictionaries and professional translation forums.

English-Spanish translation for companies and legal entities in general

Companies and organizations, in general, can benefit from all our Spanish translation services. Indeed, we can translate all kinds of content from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Some documents that we have translated for companies and other legal entities are:

■ Tax returns

■ Contracts

■ Forms

■ Emails

■     Corporate event programs

Please let us know if you need to translate any other content not mentioned above. After seven years of experience as translators, there is no document that we cannot competently translate from Spanish to English or vice versa.

English to Spanish Translation Online? We got you covered.


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